We tend to buy products and tools if we can gain some benefit or feel left behind if we don't. But this kind of decision-making ignores any negatives associated with our decision.

We are not thinking about how a product or tool can harm our business. But we ought to be thinking about the consequences of our decisions.

Most of us have products we never use lying around the house, garage, or shop. We want to be sure our new purchases won’t suffer the same fate.

We can reflect on our current products and tools, and why we use them to assist our future decision-making. Our hand-picked favorites became an integral part of our life and business. We depend on them for success.

Our tools help us do things without any burden on us or the business. We know they work. We know they benefit us. Why not use the same decision-making process to get new business?

Why abandon our skilled craftsman approach when it comes to new business?

Choosing clients is analogous to a craftsman selecting tools.

If we focus on saying "yes" to every opportunity, we won’t have time to do something else of greater value. Why focus so much time, energy, and resources on things that do not benefit us the same as our tools?

We do not have to accept every opportunity to make money that comes our way. Our careful selection of products and tools taught us a valuable lesson about being selective. Not only on what we buy but also who we work for.