"The purpose of BGP is to exchange routing and reachability information among autonomous systems (AS). BGP automatically makes routing decisions based on paths, rules, or network policies. It makes the decision to send data the fastest route possible. In simple terms, it’s an efficiency algorithm." From Brian Havanas. As the crow flies: Efficiency as Strategy (p.19).
What's more important, the people or the system?
Rulesets are groups of rules that guide a particular outcome. When we don't follow the rules, we fail to achieve the desired outcome.

Systems work in a similar way to how a car can stop on its own to avoid an accident without interaction from the driver. The car doesn't care who sits behind the wheel. It will deliver the same result every time. No questions asked.
We put systems in place to prevent things that slow our production. Consider systems in the same way that a virus or malware is blocked by software. Security software knows our actions are potentially harmful and stops us. This is how we need to operate to be truly productive. We need guidance in the same way a radiologist decides from a stomach X-ray if a person has cancer.
Studies have proven, (it turns out if you want to know whether a patient had cancer or not, you were better off using algorithms than asking a radiologist to study the X-ray.) From: Michael Lewis. The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds
Skilled contractors know one tool can reduce the length of time it takes to complete a job compared to other tools. Tool selection is essential to their productivity. It's the same for everything we touch or interact with at work, including marketing.
Algorithms are data-based. That's why they are more reliable than people.